Our Story

Our story began with “Dad, you took care of me my whole life. Now it’s my turn to take care of you.”

Our management team is made up of dedicated leaders who provide continual monitoring of caregiver performance and client relationships. We are available 24/7 to our clients and their families because we feel that is the way it should be.

Personal care born from personal experience.

One night the unthinkable happened. While watching a movie with Dad, he struggled to get up. My father suffered a stroke that rendered him paralyzed, incontinent, and deeply depressed. Like many families, our fears were realized.

Despite my efforts to help him, he swatted me away. After much persistence, I discovered that he had wet himself. He looked up at me and said, eyes wet with tears, “I’m supposed to be taking care of you.” Through tears, I replied, “Dad, you took care of me my whole life. Now it’s my turn to take care of you.”

My story is not an uncommon one.  Many families face the same predicament of caring for their parents while juggling their own families and careers. And that is why I formed Beacon Home Care. —Vianney Mendoza, Founder, Beacon Home Care

What makes us special? Our people.

Honoring their wish to age in place, it takes a village. Working closely with our community, insurance partners and physicians, we help your loved one be independent and where they want to be, in their own home. Our compassionate, supportive, and family-oriented team of people provide quality care, education, and are an incredible resource for the local communities.

  • Our Management Teams work cohesively together in a fun, family like atmosphere where there is mutual respect, collaboration, and continued learning. With each person we encounter, we are inquisitive to their needs, provide clear expectations, and offer a solutions focused approach. The diversity in the team offers adaptability, loyalty, and powerful communication skills.
  • Our Administrative Teams are highly reliable and very detail-oriented people. With flexibility and thoroughness, they can jump in where necessary to be the guiding light. The teams’ communication and people skills are displayed daily in how they work with every level of people within the organization.
  • Our Business Development & Education Team is an innovative team of people who are ever present in the community. By creating long-term, quality referral sources, these team members focus on building strong relationships, creating marketing opportunities, and being a resource for presentations and education. They are life-long learners and understand the continued need for goal setting, strategic growth, and recruiting excellent caregivers.
  • Our Caregivers know that Beacon is the place to be! With our additional training and outreach programs, our caregivers are positive, engaged, and devoted to our care clients. With multiple languages, diversity, and integrity, we are service oriented, great listeners, highly observant and even good cooks! Our confidence shines through in our ability to be patient, uplifting, and passionate about the care we continuously give to others.
  • Our Care Clients have a good home environment and a great family structure. They are friendly, appreciative people who love life and simply want to stay at home with extra care and safety provided to them. They are flexible and realistic while being great at communication and collaboration. With their varied lifestyles, they understand the responsibility of creating longevity for themselves and their family, as they allow Beacon to be their hope for staying in their home.
  • The Adult Children of our care clients have a shared vision with the customer and are advanced planners. They are emotionally sound and engaged in any and all impending decisions and easily make those decisions. They have a flexible schedule, are highly realistic, and highly collaborative in all communication.

Our values.

At Beacon, we celebrate all levels of our people! By pausing to celebrate our successes, we celebrate our people. With our recognition program, annual picnics and BBQs we acknowledge and appreciate everyone as we seek to find victories in everything we do. Whether it is celebrating a birthday, or giving one of our certificates to a caregiver, we believe in and practice the art of celebrating successes daily.

We give back to our communities through volunteering, presentations, education, and support groups. We believe in being a part of the local community around each office and enjoy sponsoring events, providing lunches, and simply being there for others when needed. We have specifically designed scholarships that reinforce our investment in local community and reflect our communities unwavering support in us.

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