Dementia Care

We are well-trained to stimulate, encourage, and maintain safety

While many of us have age-related forgetfulness as part of the normal aging process, brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and other dementias are disruptors of an entirely different kind, causing problems with thinking and behavior as well as memory. Memory care requires special skill and training.

If you or a loved one is experiencing memory issues, we can help. Our caregivers are well-trained to communicate and work with Care Clients with various Dementia Care on a non-medical level. We stimulate, motivate, and maintain safety. Through activities like arts and crafts, music, baking, watching family videos, and working in the garden, we encourage self-expression and engagement. Homecare extends the time a person can safely live at home, in the comfort of the familiar and surrounded by their favorite things.

Coping with chronic and degenerative conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s is difficult both for the Care Client and their family, and the worry takes a toll. The sleeplessness and depression can overshadow even the good days but as cheerleader, companion, and coach, our caregivers help you celebrate the small wins, the tiny triumphs, the everyday victories. We focus on the good and, with empathy and compassion, help you face the days that are cloudy and gray.

Our caregivers recognize subtle changes, behavioral patterns, and change in habits. Tuning into our Memory Care clients, we watch for changes in mood and ability to communicate—both what is being said and what isn’t—and inform the appropriate person whether it be family, case manager, or doctor.

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